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Established in 1997, Prolana has been trusted by professionals for over 20 years to deliver nail care solutions that are safe, reliable, and effective - all at a reasonable price point.  Founded in 2007, Prolana’s flagship product is Nail Optimizer®. Nail Optimizer® is a one-step nail strengthener. DBP and Toluene free, it’s a solution for many types of nail problem. When used as a part of your normal nail care routine, its’ enriched formula will end nail problems such as splitting, weak, peeling, dry and brittle, or chipping nails.

In September 2017, Cosmetics LK – a distributor of beauty, health, and personal care brands, acquired Prolana from Olan Laboratories. Our mission is to continue to provide consumers with the best and most reliable products in the beauty, health, and personal care categories. The acquisition of Prolana will ensure Nail Optimizer®; it’s most trusted product, will always be available for both personal and professional use. Cosmetics LKs goal for Prolana is to provide the brand with a future of products with quality its consumers can count on for generations to come, while staying true to its roots.

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- The Prolana Team

Cosmetics LK Acquires Prolana from Olan Laboratories - Official Press Release

"Beauty, health and personal care company Cosmetics LK, announces the acquisition of nail care brand Prolana. With this acquisition, Cosmetics LK can now offer...." 

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